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Configure your first Calipso project!

Please use the "official approach": Nuget. This will install all necessary dependencies and will configure your ASP.NET Web Forms project to host Calipso components! Go to for further details!

Since distribution is done by using NuGet package manager, ASP.NET Calipso can be integrated into a blank or existing Web Forms project (caution, it will not work on web sites, Calipso NuGet installation works on ASP.NET applications only!).

ASP.NET Calipso has a RESX to JavaScript compiler. This is integrated into Web Forms project's build process.

Because current implementation of Calipso's NuGet package is not able of modifying project file in order to integrate RESX to JavaScript compiler, project file must be edited manually. Please follow the next steps to do so just after installing Calipso using NuGet package:
  1. Right click on your project in "Solution Explorer".
  2. Select "Unload project" option.
  3. Once project gets unloaded, right click again on project in "Solution Explorer" and choose "Edit project file".
  4. Now is time to edit "AfterBuild" target. Usually it is located at the bottom of the file. Scroll down there.
  5. If XML <Target Name="AfterBuild"></Target> element is commented, please uncomment it.
  6. Put the following code inside <Target Name="AfterBuild"></Target>: <Exec Command="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\MSBuild.exe &quot;$(ProjectDir)Comkarl.Web.Build.targets&quot; /t:Calipso-BuildJavaScriptResources /nr:false" />**
  7. Finally, go back to "Solution Explorer" and right click on project's node and choose "Reload Project".

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