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Introduction to Calipso framework

Think on what is moving the Web right now. Mainly, Web development paradigm has dramatically changed in the latest years.

Early in 90s and first years of 2000, Web development was more like a static HTML page with CSS styles, and some DHTML work with JavaScript and DOM, and a server-side code processing forms or listing data.

Things have evolved and since the beginning of Web 2.0, the Web itself has transitioned to the Web of applications and services. That is Web development has more of traditional desktop client programming, because JavaScript, Web Standards and browsers are now solid and mature.

Above statement means that everything is more complex and effort to achieve good results makes things harder. In the other hand, with the introduction of the so-called cloud computing, the way Web applications interact with private and external services, introduces more and more complexity.

Microsoft has been providing Web application frameworks like Web Forms and MVC that makes things easier. Both are different monsters that work for the same goal. Actually they provide solutions that are very tied to server-side code rather than being deeply integrated with client-side Web technology like DOM, CSS, and well-known frameworks like jQuery.

Because Web browsers are very mature and because Web applications demand more interactivity, creating HTML content from the server-side having great tools that can do the same job entirely in the client can be anachronistic.

ASP.NET Calipso is an open source project that tries to make life easier to developers in terms of developing visual components that are configured in the server-side but their output HTML can be produced either in the server and client side. Or just entirely in the client side using standard Web technologies and standards.

Calipso is a framework that works with existing ASP.NET Web Form stack, but it modifies its flow and behaviors in order to provide a modern, extensible and Web client programming-friendly plus more features like a JavaScript and CSS dependency management, and pure CSS theming. Best of all is ASP.NET Calipso can be a tool to start new projects, but it can be easly integrated into existing ones, because it mantains full compatibility with ASP.NET Web Forms 4.0 and above.

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