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Calipso features

  • It works on top of regular ASP.NET Web Forms framework.
  • Server controls that seamlessly integrates with a client-side, JavaScript object-oriented API.
  • DOM manipulation, AJAX, event handling and other sort of things are built using jQuery.
  • It has an integrated CSS and JavaScript dependency management.
  • It supports globalization/localization in the client-side coming from the server-side.
  • It supports 100% client-side server controls.
  • It can compress JavaScript and CSS for you using AjaxMin.
  • It supports binding server control's properties to client-side counterparts.
  • Client-side JavaScript and CSS dependencies are included in the order defined by the developer.
  • Client-side JavaScript and CSS dependencies can come embedded in the server control library or in the file system.
  • It's light-weight compared to ASP.NET AJAX.

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